Les Règles

#25 - Sur la Balle (On the Ball)

This player may move up to 3 squares (regardless of their MA), following all of the normal movement rules, when the opposing coach declares that one of their players is going to perform a Pass action. This move is made after the range has been measured and the target square declared, but before the active player makes a Passing ability test. Making this move interrupts the activation of the opposition player performing the Pass action. A player may use this skill when an opposition player uses the Dump-Off skill, but should this player Fall Over whilst moving, a Turnover is caused. Additionally, during each Start of Drive sequence, after Step 2 but before Step 3, one Open player with this skill on the receiving team may move up to 3 squares (regardless of their MA). This skill may not be used if a touchback is caused when the kick deviates and does not allow the player to cross into their opponent's half of the pitch.

Le Saviez-Vous ?

C'est au cours du match de la deuxième journée de la saison 2005/2006 qu'Alto Bannto, le coureur N°3 des Blasters Stars, est parti à l'Olympe des joueurs. Il mourut sur un magnifique blocage, le public apprécia son geste sportif et en profita pour lui attribuer le titre de JPV. Vive Alto Bannto !

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