Les Règles

#55 - Bombardier (Bombardier)

When activated and if they are Standing, this player can perform a ‘Throw Bomb’ Special action. This Special action is neither a Pass action nor a Throw Team-mate action, so does not prevent another player performing one of those actions during the same team turn. However, only a single player with this Trait may perform this Special action each team turn. A Bomb can be thrown and caught, and the throw interfered with, just like a ball, using the rules for Pass actions as described on page 48, with the following exceptions: • A player may not stand up or move before performing a Throw Bomb action. • Bombs do not bounce and can come to rest on the ground in an occupied square. Should a player fail to catch a Bomb, it will come to rest on the ground in the square that player occupies. • If a Bomb is fumbled, it will explode immediately in the square occupied by the player attempting to throw it. • If a Bomb comes to rest on the ground in an empty square or is caught by an opposition player, no Turnover is caused. • A player that is in possession of the ball can still catch a Bomb. • Any Skills that can be used when performing a Pass action can also be used when performing a Throw Bomb Special action, with the exception of On the Ball. If a Bomb is caught by a player on either team, roll a D6: • On a roll of 4+, the Bomb explodes immediately, as described below. • On a roll of 1-3, that player must throw the Bomb again immediately. This throw takes place out of the normal sequence of play. Should a Bomb ever leave the pitch, it explodes in the crowd with no effect (on the game) before the crowd can throw it back. When a Bomb comes to rest on the ground, in either an unoccupied square, in a square occupied by a player that failed to catch the Bomb or in a square occupied by a Prone or Stunned player, it will explode immediately: • If the Bomb explodes in an occupied square, that player is automatically hit by the explosion. • Roll a D6 for each player (from either team) that occupies a square adjacent to the one in which the Bomb exploded: - On a roll of 4+, the player has been hit by the explosion. - On a roll of 1-3, the player manages to avoid the explosion. • Any Standing players hit by the explosion are Knocked Down. • An Armour roll (and possibly an Injury roll as well) is made against any player hit by the explosion, even if they were already Prone or Stunned. • You may apply a +1 modifier to either the Armour roll or Injury roll. This modifier may be applied after the roll has been made.

Le Saviez-Vous ?

Rapport de match hommes-lézards suite a une défaite: Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr kakatopa gogo lomati fafako takami popo caca sobek sotek olmek... Rapport de match hommes-lézards suite a un match nul: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm rarazeto gugujoko narezak dodo coco nolata sek sotek olmek sobek... Rapport de match hommes-lézards suite a une victoire: Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhi yaya tokoto popolo mmmummm titikaka bobo jojo katoza paz sotek olmek sobek... Voila ce qu'a pu retranscrire le coatch humain José lors de sa fonction d'entraineur de l'equipe"Les Fils de Sotek"lors de la saison 2007-2008. A ce jour,nul n'a pu traduire ce dialecte...

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