Les Règles

#62 - Pourriture de nurgle (Plague Ridden)

Once per game, if an opposition player with a Strength characteristic of 4 or less that does not have the Decay, Regeneration or Stunty traits suffers a Casualty result of 15-16, DEAD as the result of a Block action performed or a Foul action committed by a player with this Trait that belongs to your team, and if that player cannot be saved by an apothecary, you may choose to use this Trait. If you do, that player does not die; they have instead been infected with a virulent plague! If your team has the ‘Favoured of Nurgle’ special rule, a new ‘Rotter Lineman’ player, drawn from the Nurgle roster, can be placed immediately in the Reserves box of your team’s dugout (this may cause a team to have more than 16 players for the remainder of this game). During step 4 of the post-game sequence, this player may be permanently hired, exactly as you would a Journeyman player that had played for your team (see page 72).

Le Saviez-Vous ?

La palme de l’événement le plus improbable revient sans doute au match opposant les Wolf and Rabbit aux Revenant's 40 pendant lequel une momie a réussi une interception. Plus tard dans le match sa collègue, en ayant marre d'en entendre des tonnes, a décidé de faire pareil ! Il ne faut jamais sous estimer l'agilité d'une momie vexée.

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