Les Règles

#49 - Deux têtes (Twho heads)

Avoir deux têtes permet au joueur de voir en même temps l'endroit où il va et les adversaires qui tentent de l'en empêcher. Ajoutez +1 à tous les jets d'Esquive effectués par le joueur.

Having two heads enables this player to watch where he is going and the opponent trying to make sure he does not get there at the same time. Add 1 to all Dodge rolls the player makes.

Le Saviez-Vous ?

Did you know... that those worthless players from Holland, have actually been sent by the CIA to collect information on nerd activity in western Europe. So far, special agent Lucy, an excellent dresser who's infiltrated the BB community up to the highest level, has found some interesting data. Most players will be apprehended and jailed in the coming months.

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