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The Lutece Cup was created by a few players fed up of training on sinister fields. Seeing bigger crowds during their trainings, they decided to organize savage games between teams representing their neighbourhood. That's when it all degenerated. The amateurs teams took themselves seriously : blood was flowing freely, settling of scores became more and more frequent, gangs specialized in kidnapping good players to win all their bets...Death itself began to lurk in Lutece.

That's when it all began. Bigspoon Greasfull, a halfling merchant, had the idea to create a championship. The populace was barely interested by the big tournaments but loved the neighbourhood encounters. If he could do that, professional players would come, the championship would grow and become prestigious, money would flow in and the income from Cabalvision would be huge. But when all the contracts were ready, Bigspoon Greasfull was 'unfortunately' murdered by a man with a dark soul called JC. JC took his place (a halfling with ideas isn't normal anyway !) and decided that the championship should stay underground for some times...

Games, more and more violent, made everybody happy for 2 seasons. A few teams became legendary but none of them could win the title. The fields weren't big enough for the huge crowd of gamblers and supporters. Beside, the Lutece public authority couldn't lower its eyes, even against big briberies. The Lutece Cup had to be official for the tournament to be recognized to its real value.

The deal was made at the end of the second season with league commissioner, Arkhandzar the necromancer. The president of the sport and violence section of Lutece city hall gave the credit to build the biggest stadium the city had ever seen (some journalists say that the money was found in con markets). The Lutece Cup could now be held in a real stadium for the pleasure of all the supporters that had grown to a huge number by this time.

Once the huge building was finished, the Lutece Cup could finally begin its first official championship. New teams came from everywhere to participate. The winner this year was Arkhandzar, the league commissioner. Many defeated coachs accused him of trickery but they all calmed down when the second season began...and they realised that few of them where now playing in Arkhandzar's undead team !

The second and the third season were quite difficult. Bloodbowl was now seen as a threat by the Lutece Authority and especially the Sarkozian inquisition. Many coachs were arrested and executed. JC was banished to Poitiers. But the support of the fans was the strongest. The Lutece Cup became an example of resistance when other leagues were decimated throughought the country. For the fourth season, Arkhandzar, despite rigged draws, had to hand off his cup to the bloodthirsty Pedro in the end.

The Lutece Cup is a championship savagely organized in Lutece (Paris for the goblins who didn't figured out yet). The Lutece Bowl is its tournament, a crown many people would like to wear. The rest of its history is yours to make...

Le Saviez-Vous ?

Le Stadoceste a réussi à faire oublier son humiliante défaite contre son grand rival le Stade Lorain lors de la demi-finale 2001. Les nains ont tout de suite enchaîné sur un véritable jeu de course mettant à rude épreuve les joueurs elfes sylvains, ceux-ci tinrent bon jusqu'à la mi-temps. Mais à la seconde mi-temps les elfes n'avaient tout simplement plus de joueurs valides! Les nains voyant que le public du Stade Clisson la Forêt n'appréciait pas le match, décidèrent de s'éclipser avant la fin du match. Malgré cela les joueurs elfes ne purent revenir au score étant donné qu'aucun parmi les survivants ne pouvait ramper !

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