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Diseuse de Sorts (Wicked Witch)

Classique du Vieux Monde, Spot de Sylvanie, Défi des Bas-Fonds / (Old World Classic, Sylvanian Spotlight, Underworld Challenge)

Coût : 150000 PO

Catégorie : 0-1 Wizard

Quantité : 0-1

Autorisé(e) pour : Gobelins, Halflings, Humains, Morts-vivants, Nains, Norses, Skavens, Khemri, Nécromanciens, Ogres, Vampires, Snotlings, Underworld, Noblesse Impériale, Alliance du Vieux Monde


Once per game, a Wicked Witch may cast one of the following spells:


You may cast this spell either at the start of any of the opposition's team turns, before any player is activated, or immediately after any of the opposition's team turns has ended. Target any opposition player and roll a D6:

  • If the roll is equal to or higher than the player's Strength characteristic, or is a natural 6, that player turns into a Frog for the remainder of the drive, after which their coach will secure emergency magical assistance to turn the player back into their original form.

  • If the roll is lower than the player's Strength characteristic, the player develops a fresh crop of warts, but the spell has no further effect.

If the player was in possession of the ball when they were turned into a Frog, it is dropped and will bounce. When a roll on the Casualty table is required against the Frog, no roll is made. Instead, it is automatically treated as if a 1-6, Badly Hurt result had been rolled. The Frog must miss the rest of the game and cannot be patched-up by an apothecary (because it's a frog!). At the end of the game, the player is returned to their normal shape with no ill effects.

The Frog has the following profile:

MA ST AG PA AV Skills & Traits
Frog 5 1 2+ - 5+ Dodge, Leap, No Hands, Stunty, Titchy, Very Long Legs

Plague Of Warts

You may cast this spell at the end of either player's team turn, before the next team turn begins. Target any opposition player anywhere on the pitch, and roll a D6:

  • On a roll of 3+, the player is hit and their skin unexpectedly erupts into a mass of warts.
  • On a roll of 1 or 2, the player develops a few unsightly blemishes, but is otherwise unaffected.

Until the end of this drive, the MA, ST, and AG characteristics of a player hit by Plague of Warts are reduced by 1. Additionally, until the end of this drive, a player hit by Plague of Warts gains the Disturbing Presence and Foul Appearance skills.

Utilisations en Matchs
Journée Match Coach
Aucun match pour ce coup de pouce
Le Saviez-Vous ?

La saison 2004-2005 ouvre ses portes, et de nouvelles équipes arrivent.... Parmi toutes les nouveautés présentes remarquons le contrat particulier qui lie l'Amicale des Supporters de l'équipe gobeline "Foul selected" avec le coach de ladite équipe.... une clause stipule qu'un minimum de 5 agressions par match doivent être commises si les joueurs désirent conserver leur intégrité physique pour leur prochain match... Gageons qu'au dela d'une contrainte, les joueurs trouveront là une motivation supplémentaire pour rentrer sur le terrain.

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