Les Règles

Onguent Médicinal (Medical Unguent)

Tous / (Any)

Should a player on your team be removed from play having suffered a 10-12, Serious Injury result on the Casualty table, after any other attempts to heal that player have been made and have failed, you may use this Inducement. The player is immediately removed from the Casualty box and placed in the Reserves box of your dugout, having been miraculously healed by the liberal application of something that smells extremely suspicious. However, at the end of this game, the result of the Casualty roll is applied as normal.

Utilisations en Matchs
Journée Match Coach
Aucun match pour ce coup de pouce
Le Saviez-Vous ?

C'est en menant 1-0 à la mi-temps, alors que les skavens des "Maladies Skaveniales Transmissibles" n'étaient plus que 3 sur le terrain face à 11 amazones, que Schouf, le coach des "Beastie Dolls" s'écria : "si je perds ce match, j'suis qu'une merde !". Foxy et ses skavens remportèrent le match 2-1. Il parait que Nuffle se marre encore...

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