Les Règles

Arbitre Partial (Spécial) (Biased Referee)

Chantage & Corruption / (Bribery and Corruption)

Coût : 80000 PO

Catégorie : 0-1 Biased Referee

Quantité : 0-1

Autorisé(e) pour : Gobelins, Orques Noirs, Snotlings, Underworld


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Close Scrutiny

Strict adherence to the rules is of paramount importance to all referees. This is especially true when one of the teams has paid them to watch the opposition closely! If any player on the opposing team commits a Foul without rolling a double when making either the Armour roll or Injury roll, roll a D6:

  • On a roll of 5+, the Biased Referee spots the Foul and the player is Sent-off, exactly as if they had rolled a double (i.e., the opposing coach may use a Bribe if one is available and may attempt to Argue the Call).
  • On a roll of 1-4, the player manages to avoid the ref’s attention.

    “I didn’t see a Thing!”

    Whilst watching one team incredibly closely, the Biased Referee can easily be forgiven for missing infractions perpetrated by the other. When rolling on the Argue the Call table, you may apply a +1 modifier to the dice roll.

Utilisations en Matchs
Journée Match Coach
Aucun match pour ce coup de pouce
Le Saviez-Vous ?

Rapport de match hommes-lézards suite a une défaite: Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr kakatopa gogo lomati fafako takami popo caca sobek sotek olmek... Rapport de match hommes-lézards suite a un match nul: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm rarazeto gugujoko narezak dodo coco nolata sek sotek olmek sobek... Rapport de match hommes-lézards suite a une victoire: Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhi yaya tokoto popolo mmmummm titikaka bobo jojo katoza paz sotek olmek sobek... Voila ce qu'a pu retranscrire le coatch humain José lors de sa fonction d'entraineur de l'equipe"Les Fils de Sotek"lors de la saison 2007-2008. A ce jour,nul n'a pu traduire ce dialecte...

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