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Triplés Trundlefoot (The Trundlefoot Triplets)

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Heavy-Handed Incompetence

The Trundlefoot Triplets often try their best to partake in a bit of honest corruption, but all too often they fail. If any player on the opposing team commits a Foul but a double is not rolled when making either the Armour roll or Injury roll, roll a D6:

  • On a roll of 5+, the player that committed the Foul is Sent-off, exactly as if they had rolled a double (i.e., the opposing coach may use a Bribe if one is available and may attempt to Argue the Call).
  • On a roll of 2-4, the triplets, squabbling amongst themselves, miss the Foul.
  • On a roll of 1, however, the victim of the Foul is Sent-off as if they had committed a Foul and rolled a double!

“Smart players are well-behaved players!”

At the start of each drive, after both teams are set-up but before the kick-off, roll a D6. On a roll of 6, one randomly selected player on the opposing team that is not being Marked becomes embroiled in a pointless argument with the triplets about their kit. The player is immediately Placed Prone and becomes Stunned, representing the time wasted arguing.

“They don't look happy!”

If a Get the Ref result is rolled on the Kick-off Event table, the triplets make themselves scarce and will play no further part in this game. In addition, each team also gets a Bribe as normal.

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Le Saviez-Vous ?

Le coach WeakRat de l'équipe skaven les Skava Lite et le coach nain Matt le Fou du Stadoceste ne purent jamais se mettre d�accord sur le lieu pour disputer la finale 2000 de la Coupe de Lutèce. Pour remédier à cela le président de la section Sport et Violence de la Mairie de Lutèce decida de construire la plus grande arène à Lutèce. Depuis Matt le Fou reste introuvable pour enfin jouer la finale. Serait-il resté avec son équipe au Stade Clisson la Forêt depuis la Finale 1999 ?

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