Les Règles

#71 - Animal sauvage (Animal Savagery)

When this player is activated, even if they are Prone or have lost their Tackle Zone, immediately after declaring the action they will perform but before performing the action, roll a D6, applying a +2 modifier to the dice roll if you declared the player would perform a Block or Blitz action (or a Special action granted by a Skill or Trait that can be performed instead of a Block action): • On a roll of 1-3, this player lashes out at their team-mates: - One Standing team-mate of your choice that is currently adjacent to this player is immediately Knocked Down by this player. This does not cause a Turnover unless the Knocked Down player was in possession of the ball. After making an Armour roll (and possible Injury roll) against the Knocked Down player, this player may continue their activation and complete their declared action if able. Note that, if this player has any applicable Skills, the coach of the opposing team may use them when making an Armour roll (and possible Injury roll) against the Knocked Down player. - If this player is not currently adjacent to any Standing team-mates, this player’s activation ends immediately. Additionally, this player loses their Tackle Zone until they are next activated. • On a roll of 4+, this player continues their activation as normal and completes their declared action. If you declared that this player would perform an action which can only be performed once per team turn and this player’s activation ended before the action could be completed, the action is considered to have been performed and no other player on your team may perform the same action this team turn.

Le Saviez-Vous ?

En l'an de grâce 2006, Knarf the dwarf, après voir écumé les Royaumes oubliés, prend sa retraite et se lance dans la Lutèce cup. Quelle ne fut pas sa déception de se retrouver à coacher une équipe d'orks au lieu de nains! Enfin, deux aspects positifs: non seulement envoyer des orks au casse pipe mais en plus une bonne excuse en cas de défaite! Malin comme un nain!

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