Les Règles

Sorcier (hireling sports-wizard)

Tous / (Any)

Également connu sous le nom d'Harry Potter, bien que cela n'en fasse pas un mage "nommé"


Once per game, a Hireling Sports-Wizard may cast one of the following spells:


You may cast this spell at the end of either player’s team turn, before the next team turn begins. Choose a target square anywhere on the pitch and roll a D6 for each Standing player (from either team) that occupies either the target square or a square adjacent to it:

  • On a roll of 4+, the player has been hit by the Fireball.
  • On a roll of 1-3, the player manages to avoid the Fireball.
    Any Standing players hit by the Fireball are Knocked Down. When a player is Knocked Down by a Fireball, you may apply a +1 modifier to either the Armour roll or Injury roll. This modifier may be applied after the roll has been made.


    You may cast this spell either at the start of any of the opposition’s team turns, before any player is activated, or immediately after any of the opposition’s team turns has ended. Target any opposition player and roll a D6:

  • If the roll is equal to or higher than the player’s Strength characteristic, or is a natural 6, that player turns into a frog for the remainder of the drive, after which their coach will secure emergency magical assistance to turn the player back into their original form.
  • If the roll is lower than the player’s Strength characteristic, the player develops a fresh crop of warts, but the spell has no further effect.
    If the player was in possession of the ball when they were turned into a frog, it is dropped and will bounce. When a roll on the Casualty table is required against the frog, no roll is made. Instead, it is automatically treated as if a Badly Hurt result had been rolled. The frog must miss the rest of the game and cannot be patched-up by an apothecary (because it’s a frog!). At the end of the game, the player is returned to normal shape with no ill effects.
    The frog has the following profile:
MA ST AG PA AV Skills & Traits
Frog 5 1 2+ - 5+ Dodge, Leap, No Hands, Stunty, Titchy, Very Long Legs
Utilisations en Matchs
Journée Match Coach
2 Kill Thusad / A.P.T.T.I. AzMogui / Epagneul
3 Midgard Football Club (Old World Classic) / Kaaskrann Edlr
4 Dragon Ball / Kaaskrann Mamet
5 Torcy Shadows Chiefs / Skryre Warp Lightnings Melphios
5 Yoshi Sunshine / Inguiz Titi Crouch
6 Les hauts fonds des bas fonds d'à côté / Inguiz Titi Yetislx
6 [TMNT] Croabunga / Tifs et Raies II Olivierdulac
6 Momies de Kiss / Ici c'est Pouloulou !! Scriptimkiss
6 Petits Elfes des Bois / A.P.T.T.I. PoireAbricot
8 Fingolfin and Friends / Inguiz Titi _nico_
9 Kill Thusad / Proud Sisters Gang AzMogui / Epagneul
10 Beastie Dolls / Université de la Waaagh schouf
10 Les hauts fonds des bas fonds d'à côté / Chicashut Bulls (Fav Chaos Univ) Yetislx
10 Défis Fantastiques / Flying Roubignolles Pixmen
11 [TMNT] AS Bashtraciens / Cursed Rats Laerthis
12 Devils of Delf Kitchen / [TMNT] Rainettes de Belleville Delfonics
12 Petits Elfes des Bois / Socks Old Stars (Fav Khorne) PoireAbricot
13 Serviteurs de Huahuan / Poussins de la colère (Fav Nurgle) Scarabee
13 Kill Thusad / Super Souris AzMogui / Epagneul
13 Darkgate Cowboy / Excavated Stars F'oon
14 Les Expertes en Herbe / CheeseHead Gardën
14 Kill Thusad / Inguiz Titi AzMogui / Epagneul
15 New Orcs Jets / Cursed Rats Wallord
15 Midgard Football Club (Old World Classic) / A.P.T.T.I. Edlr
15 Piano Sano Glorioso / Inguiz Titi Pedro
PO Ombre Ecarlate / Mystic Moustics Ashrame
PO Sacrificateurs de Sotek / Dragon Ball Pedro
PO Farewell Tour 79 / Torcy Shadows Chiefs F'oon
PO Farewell Tour 79 / Dragon Ball F'oon
PO Skryre Warp Lightnings / Yoshi Sunshine Scriptimkiss
CHO Devils of Delf Kitchen / Cursed Rats Kral / JC
Le Saviez-Vous ?

Le Stadoceste a réussi à faire oublier son humiliante défaite contre son grand rival le Stade Lorain lors de la demi-finale 2001. Les nains ont tout de suite enchaîné sur un véritable jeu de course mettant à rude épreuve les joueurs elfes sylvains, ceux-ci tinrent bon jusqu'à la mi-temps. Mais à la seconde mi-temps les elfes n'avaient tout simplement plus de joueurs valides! Les nains voyant que le public du Stade Clisson la Forêt n'appréciait pas le match, décidèrent de s'éclipser avant la fin du match. Malgré cela les joueurs elfes ne purent revenir au score étant donné qu'aucun parmi les survivants ne pouvait ramper !

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